Resume Templates with Modern Design

Applying for creative job positions with your resume in a modern design is an easy and reliable way to show your strengths in a popular way. However if you are a lawyer, an IT professional or other traditional job, and you need to show your skills you may want to use simpler templates, like the classic resume templates.

But if you need your resume to stand out, download our original resume templates in Microsoft Word format (.docx) and then edit with them your data. Finally you can export the cv in a pdf format (.pdf) and send by email to any position.

Features of a modern design resume

Modern design cv templates are usually designed following these rules:

  • Clear but complex layout: it takes time to fullfil the information to provide.
  • Contrast in font sizes: although we recommend 10pt for text, 14pt for headings, you can use whatever font size you want because our templates are versatile.
  • Many pictures , not only the picture of the person. You can place informal pics as well.
  • Color texts your imagination is your frontier.
  • No need to standard size, print it in the format you like most.

Benefits of using a modern design cv

Many people use this type of template for their cv because:

  • It makes you to stand out of other applicants
  • The employer can spend more time in your resume appreciating your design.
  • Impression of originality
  • You focus on the format of the resume, not in the content that is presented

Tips for your resume