The capacities of the candidates are usually very similar. A great way to stand out and differentiate yourself is to explain the achievements you’ve made by solving the previous challenges. These can be referred to in terms of efficiency, efficiency, satisfaction or innovation in the result achieved. The differences are very easy to recognize:

  • Efficacy: you got something to happen (for example, the launch of an advertising campaign)
  • Efficiency: you reduced the resources needed to achieve something (for example, you reduced the time or money needed with a new technique)
  • Satisfaction: you had a response from your customers better than expected (for example, you won a prize)
  • Innovation: you solved a problem in a different way (for example, creating a new line of business)

So if you helped a previous company to make money, or did something that resulted in cost savings, or increased productivity in some way, or just solved a problem, just say so. With humility, but also in an assertive way.

Finally, whenever possible, show the results of your actions with data. Of course, there are confidentiality clauses that you must take into account, but if the data is public or easily accessible, do not hesitate to include them.