If you are thinking about working in Australia, you must take into account some peculiarities of the Australian job market. Consider the following tips to get Australian recruiters and head hunters to look at your profile.

Australian English

The nuances of Australian English are important. There are some words that can be written differently depending on whether you are British, American or Australian.

For example, if you work in the steel industry and you are a specialist in “aluminum”, you can write it as “aluminum” in American English or “aluminium” in British English. In this case, the Australian way is the same as the British one.

Another example, if you want to put in your CV that you have been “counselor” in American English is “counselor”, while in British English is “counsellor”. In this case, you should write the American way in your resume.

In this website you have a few examples of words that are written (and pronounced) differently depending on the country.

European page size

There are different sizes of paper sheets. In Europe, the most common is DIN-A4 (210 x 297 mm), while in the United States the LETTER paper format is slightly higher (215.9 mm x 279.4 mm).

The resume templates that you can find on this website, you can change their page size to what you need.

In Australia they prefer the European size.

Emphasize your skills, but do not be vain

The Australian mentality is very practical, they like the people who solve problems, and who are able to work as a team with Australians and people from all countries. Remember that in Australia there are multiple nationalities with different sensibilities.

People who write their cv for manager positions can highlight their competencies in managing people and resources in the most objective way.

If you are an experienced professional, your CV can focus on your technical and management skills, always with humility and positive contributions.

They like long and neat cv

However, although Australians prefer pragmatic people and that in their cv to the point, a one-page curriculum is scarce, except for people who search for a first job.

In Australia they use extensive, but well-designed, three-or-four-page resumes with the sections well organized .

Photo in your cv? Better don’t

In Australia, you should not include your photograph in the resume. In some countries it is normal, but not in Australia. If you still want to include it, we recommend these tips from how to include the photo in your curriculum .

Finally, we recommend that if you are going to present your cv in an Australian company, it will be reviewed by an Australian English native, not only so that English is appropriate, but also to check if your CV is aligned with the Australian mindset and way of thinking.