Resume Templates with Classic Design

Applying for job positions with your resume in a classic design is an easy and reliable way to show your strengths. If you are a graphic designer and need to show your skills you may want to use more complex templates, like the modern resume templates.

But if you need your resume with a classic layout, download our resume templates in Microsoft Word format (.docx) and then edit with them your data. Finally you can export the cv in a pdf format (.pdf) and send by email to any position.

Features of a classic design resume

Classic design cv templates are designted usually following these rules:

  • Clean layout: the background is white, space is generous, even when you have many information to provide.
  • Balanced font sizes: We recommend 10pt for text, 14pt for headings. You can use serif or sans-serif fonts, because the templates are versatile.
  • No pictures , or only the picture of the person, in a formal way.
  • Text is black or only two colors are used, one for emphasize and black for text.
  • One sheet only , in a standard size mainly in A4 or Letter formats.

Benefits of using a classic design cv

Many people use this type of template for their cv because:

  • it is pretty simple to read the information the employer is looking for.
  • Balanced font sizes makes it easy to scan the main titles.
  • You will look like a reliable professional
  • You focus on the content of the resume, not in the way it is presented

Tips for your resume