I want to help people looking for a job to create the best first experience in the hiring process by creating content-intelligent, well-designed resumés. Having worked for more than 20 years in Design and I can assure that content is as important as the way you present it. Many friends ask me to polish the layout of their cv, and I suffer everytime I receive a curriculum in a bad format. So this website intends to help those who want to stand out and convince their recruiter that they are the best option for the position.

There are hundred of websites offering templates for curriculum. Many of them are Microsoft Word documents, but they look like pretty old fashioned, and the rest are documents for Adobe Indesign or similiar design programs, which are not very spread in the casual users. Here I present Microsoft Word documents, which are compatible with many text processing programs (Open Office, Google Docs, LibreOffice, NeoOffice…). These documents are very easy to edit and have beautiful and elegant layouts for every type of users, no matter their expertise or area of specialization.

My triple challenge

Ideas CV has become a social side project that is also a challenges for me in three aspects:

  • SEO positioning: as mentioned above, this is not the first site to offer templates for curricula vitae, but one of my goals is to appear into the 3 top results in Google in a year. I have studied a lot on optimization, and I have even worked for Google for a year, so I think I know the methods to get it.
  • Design originality: designing a so common piece of information is difficult, so I have to squeeze my creativity in each template. An original way to keep me alive in this grey world we live.
  • Constancy in publishing: I have worked in several side projects (blogs, papers, books…) and I know how difficult is to keep them updated regularly. I won’t make the mistake to commit for a periodicity, but this is a challenge I don’t want to lose.

Why all templates have name of women?

Templates are identified by the name of a fictional woman (any resemblance with reality is mere coincidence). Gender gap is a reality we should face: Women are less hired, less payed and less promoted. This is my small contribution for the recognison for half of the population, who is as capable as anyone to perform any task.