CV for managers

6 tips for creating a curriculum for a management position

If you are willing to step into C position (CEO, CTO, CIO…) you may need a specific way to present your candidacy. Here are some tips before choosing your template.

  1. Keep it short: It’s very difficult, we know, but 2 pages top. Ideally just 1. The most relevant information in the first page.
  2. Provide an Executive summary: a brief walktrough your experience.
  3. Achievements oriented: tasks are important, but results are crucial.
  4. Provide data: people managed, billing, budget, time scope…
  5. People competences: promote your human-to-human skills like leadership, negotiation, networking…
  6. Show your actions: use words that encorages the recruiter to think positive about you: evolve, develop, create, opportunity discover…

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